What is it about?
Unusual policeman. Little he knew though that Hollywood hunts people with unusual abilities.


Newspaper robot Pikachu hits Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Political caricature of Arnold Schwarzenegger!
timestamp 5:42-6:14 in this clip

only on new 'Ask Leslie Moonves'!

This art is against Hollywood which stole my artwork through their outfit for emerging artists located at 6374 Yucca street, Hollywood CA90028.
They know what I am talking about.


This artwork depicts corruption, happening in Hollywood, tranquilized police officer, and selfguiding grenades, thrown by the Hollywood administration.
There is also a deadly zeppelin, launched by Leslie Moonves / CBS, which you supposed to destroy in this episode of Windows/Mac game.
Thank you for watching, I will continue as soon as possible.


In Hollywood nomenclature state of ability is called 'Duck of the third year'.
Duck is an entity bounded in behaviour by the space aliens or tranquilized.

Radio and TV broadcasting to about 100 years back in time the image of eye retina (reception starts at 1928)
From what is visible in the future elites and governments create

'Tenhaeff dictionary how to live'.

Tenhaeff dictionary changes design and names of the streets. It changes perception of chemical and nuclear weapons.
Policeman 'Year of 2000 never existed'.

Episode 1

The world of mechanical and chemical toys.

Killers hired by Hollywood do not give up.
I see grenades are falling like Tetris figurines.
Use machinegun.
See if you can hang at least a minute.

Episode 2

The zeppelin.

OUT OF AMMO. You don't have much time.
Leslie Moonves official launched the deadly Zeppelin.
Killers hired by Hollywood are called FLASHERS.
While they throw grenades in your car try to be in the way of Zeppelin and see if some of grenades destroys it.
It is not needed much to destroy a Zeppelin.
Red compass will help you find it.
It is camouflaged by the red roofs of the Chinese Theater.
Accurately slow drive back and forth and see if you can make it this time.
Episode 3

The cloud front.

OUT OF AMMO. Try to zigzag back and forth to shake the car heat tracing grenades. I know you can make it again.
My flying dutchman, shake off the clouds.
Episode 4


Millionaires kill small game outfits with cheap labour because of need for control.

Real puppet has a short eye contact with the city. Eyes rummaging in the corners.

The world of radical cold.

Find a place to sleep Follow compass (Red arrow).

With all of those zeppelins on the spying mission you can likely safely sleep in the car.

(C)2017 Vasily Zotov